Who we are

As our name is, we bring hope, support and care to you or your loved one.

We have two office locations:

Stevenage Office: 01438900115

Northampton Office: 01604669116

Your loved ones are our family


You shouldn’t have to go to a care home unless you want to.

Hope Care Support located in both Stevenage and Northampton was founded on the basic idea that you shouldn’t have to go to a care home if there is not a need to. You should be able to keep the life you know and love, all while getting the care you need.

With Hope Care Support, the person you love gets full-time, one-on-one care and support. We match your loved one with a passionate, experienced and vetted care professional based on their specific needs and personality. We pride ourselves in the quality of the delivery of care services we provide to our clients.

There’s no place like home.

Having lived in your home for these many years, it is where you feel most comfortable.

It is where you have your memories and scenery that brings joy and happiness to you. You should be able to stay there, whatever support and care you need.

We at Hope Care Support recognizes this and we ensure that your
experience about your care and support is not diminished in any form.


Freedom is not just a word

We put ourselves in the shoes of those we support and care for. You’ve worked hard all your life. You may have raised a family.

You deserve to live your own life, on your own terms in your own home.

Free to do what you like.

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